Early Morning Commute Inspiration

It’s 6.55am, I’m on the early train to work and I’m feeling really inspired to kick ass and hit my goals.

So I’ve written a mantra that I can come back to when I forget how far I’ve come, and need a push!

And I put forward the challenge to anyone reading this: write your own mantra, reward yourself for how far you’ve come and inspire yourself to push forward!

My mantra:

I am an intelligent, driven person working in IT towards my goals. I’ve come so far already, in a short time I have learnt to do things with a computer that even experienced people in my office can’t do.

I still have some way to go, but I am going to become a successful Data Scientist and woman in business. I am going to do that by working hard and learning every day, going to meetups and being inspired by other amazing people in business, and collaborating with other lifelong learners!

Mood music: Japanese girl punk band Otoboke Beaver

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