Data Deities 01 – Nadieh Bremer

Data Deities is a segment on GirlvsData where I take a moment to have a bit of a ramble about people I find inspiring in the Data Science industry.   Today's 'Data Deity' is Amsterdam-based Nadieh Bremer, the visualization designer and artist behind Visual Cinnamon and one half of the artistic visualization duo Data Sketch|es. … Continue reading Data Deities 01 – Nadieh Bremer

‘For’ loops in python tutorial

I'm currently teaching myself how to web scrape with python. Once I've worked out all the kinks in that, I'll upload something on here to show you some tips and tricks on how it works, and where I went wrong/right along the way. In the meantime, I've been trying to figure out how to use … Continue reading ‘For’ loops in python tutorial