Linear Regression – Predicting a new employee’s ‘Salary’ from their ‘Years of Experience’

The Business Challenge: We need to know which salary to assign to a person depending on how many years of experience they have in the business. We have a prospective employee with 5 years of experience, and we need to know how much we should pay them. Based on the data we have about 30 employees; their Years of Experience and their Salary, can we predict an employee's Salary only given their Years of Experience?

KAGGLE – Who was likely to survive the Titanic? (With Python & Seaborn)

This is my first Kaggle submission, including data cleaning, feature selection and visualisations to make some first impressions on what the data story is telling us about who is most likely to survive. I'll be making some other submissions soon including testing out a few different Machine Learning classifiers to make predictions.