July PyLadies Meetup & Datathon Update

On Monday night, I attended my first ever PyLadies Melbourne Meetup, and I loved it! I also got to meet one of the wonderful women in my DSM Datathon team – more on that after the jump!

For those not in the know, PyLadies (@PyLadiesMEL) is a Meetup group that has chapters all over the world. It encourages women who program with Python to come together and share their skills and experiences!

The July PyLadies Melbourne Meetup’s tagline was ‘Secrets of Matplotlib’. Our presenter for the evening was Ashley Anderson (@ash_bioinf) who is currently studying her MSc (Bioinformatics) at University of Melbourne and Walter & Eliza Hall (WEHA) research. Ashley uses Matplotlib and Python constantly in her research, and has found that despite it’s many quirks, Matplotlib offers a level of customization that other 2D plotting libraries just can’t compete with. She gave us an in depth tutorial explaining why you shouldn’t use Pylab, the features of Pyplot, the difference between a ‘Figure’ and an ‘Axes’ and much more! Ashley also shared this RealPython blog post with us, I highly recommend reading it if you ever build plots in Python.

Meetups are a great place to network, so I took this as an opportunity to meet one of the members of the team (Team Girlvsdata!) I’m managing for the Data Science Melbourne Datathon. This year’s Datathon will be my first ever and I’m excited to learn and work with my incredibly talented team of women who come from a range of backgrounds in Data. We currently have 7 members, including (but not limited to): an R-Conference presenter, a Spatial Analyst, a couple of MSc (Data Science) students and a Business Analyst. We can’t wait to pick up the data next Tuesday, and see what kind of information and insights we can pull from it with our collective knowledge. I’m hoping to share our journey with you on this blog, so please stay tuned for more updates!

PS: You can read more about the Datathon on Data Science Melbourne’s website here and check out PyLadies Melbourne’s meetup page here.

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